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Monday, October 15

Some things we can start doing today to help our environment

Today October 15th, B.A. Blogger Girl, together with thousands of blogs worldwide, has decided to join Blog Action Day, which task is to discuss an issue that affects us all: the environment.

It is a subject that worries me very much and also kind of brings me down, but in spite of that, I've decided to look from a positive attitude. That's why here are some things which we can start doing today in order to collaborate with saving the planet.

- Don't waste any water: When you're washing your hair, or brushing your teeth or washing the dishes, first use the soap and then open the tap.

- Save electricity: Because of the money we spend in it as well as to help the environment, we can waste less power by sharing the elevator with our neighbors -it is also a sign of politeness-. We should also turn off the lights of a room when we are not in it, as well as computers, radios and TV sets when we are not using them.

- Watch your shopping: It's better to spend some extra money and buy brands that we know are Earth Friendly (for example, of canned tuna or sprays). Try not to through away any food, not only because it's expensive, also consider the amount of natural resources invested in it. To buy recycled products is another good choice.

- Protect a small part of the planet: Even though they could be just a few flower pots in your balcony, take care of your plants. They produce oxygen during photosynthesis -besides they make our home beautiful-. As tiny as your collaboration should seem, you will be protecting life.

- Know, tell, participate: Is good to be aware of everyday issues concerning our environment. If ecology were a big concern for many people, politicians would have no choice but to pay attention to it and act in consequence. To pass on the information is another way of creating conscience. Specially young children can be taught -later they will communicate the information to their parents and siblings-. Last but not least participating in campaigns is important: the more we are, more possibilities we'll have to face bigger actions than these humble ones I proposed.


Agus said...

I intended to comment you in Spanish but, sorry, comments are blocked in your bedside table's drawer, je. Ended up here blogging for "lingüística". See ya.

Mariana said...

Hi, Agus, always nice to have visitors. Try finding me in "La Era...", that's my "Official" Spanish Blog.

Alemamá said...

Amén, parece si no he entendido mal el inglés, jeje

Un gusto conocerte

Anonymous said...

Thanks for good stuff.