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Thursday, August 2

Why a blog?

A similar post published in Spanish on May 2006.

I wrote what I recall to be my first short story when I was 7. I can’t remember its title, but I know for sure it was about a lonely fish that lived in a fish bowl. He ended up meeting a beautiful little female fish (I think I literally wrote it that way). I miss how easily ideas pumped into my head in that time of my life. I didn’t care if they weren’t particularly original.

Now I’m sitting in front of this old screen in my little apartment and I’m wondering why on Earth I created this blog. Precisely me, the one who brakes into every possible conversation between strangers, on the elevator, queuing up in the bank or in the supermarket, even on the bus … have I just ran out of things to say?

We’ll see.

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benjamin1974© said...

I was 17 and I wrote my very first poem in English... and I got the second place in the class.

Blue waters
A cry to God
To let us know
Deep meanings
God voice
To be with us.

Like the idea of your new blog.